Lenten Series: Refresh & Renew

Refresh and Renew!

Taking on the Catechism for Lent

Early in the Church’s history, the major events in Christ’s ministry were observed with special periods of time and services dedicated to them.  The season of repentance called Lent was an early development in the Church’s practice as the forty penitential days were observed prior to the celebration of Easter, the highest festival of the Church Calendar.  Lent begins on a Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) because Sundays, the Day of Resurrection, are never counted as penitential.  Many Christians do not fast or observe other Lenten practices on Sunday as a reminder of the freedom from sin Christ has won by His death and resurrection.

223200As Lent developed it also became a period for instructing new Christians in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.  The preaching often focused on the basic doctrines, a body of teaching referred to as the Catechism.  Over time the Catechism was collected into books for Christian instruction.  Since the Reformation the Lutheran churches have use Dr. Martin Luther’s Small and Large Catechism to instruct new Christians in the faith.  This year our sermon series focuses on the six chief parts of the Small Catechism.  Pastor Estes encourages you to consider reading the Small Catechism each day during the forty days of Lent.  Together we will be refreshed and renewed by taking on the Catechism for Lent.  Booklet copies of the Small Catechism are available in the Narthex at Redeemer.  You can also read the Small Catechism online here and for further reading you may desire to read the Large Catechism here.

Suggested Reading Schedule for Lent:

Mondays – The Commandments

Tuesdays – The Creed

Wednesdays – Lord’s Prayer;

Thursdays – Baptism

Fridays – Holy Communion

Saturdays – Confession

Sundays – (Optional) Prayer and Table of Duties.

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