Worship Times

In-Person Sundays at 8:30*AM and 11:00 AM 

Divine Service with Holy Communion is celebrated each Sunday. Social Distancing is being observed. If you have cold or flu like symptoms or have had a fever in the last 48 hours we kindly ask you wait to attend until your symptoms subside.

8:30*AM (Mask Required)

9:30 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM (Mask recommended)


Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday. Lenten Midweek Services are every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

This year we will have a sermon series entitled “The Week That Changed the World,” looking at the various Gospel accounts regarding the last week of Jesus leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection.

Ash Wednesday (02/17)    John 11:55-12:11 (the Saturday previous to Palm Sunday)

1st Sunday in Lent (02/21)   John 12:12-19 (Sunday morning prior to entering Jerusalem)

Midweek #1 (02/24)     John 12:20-39a (Palm Sunday afternoon)

2nd Sunday in Lent (02/28)     Mark 11:12-26 (Monday: Jesus clears the temple)

Midweek #2 (03/03)     Mark 11:27-12:12 (Tuesday: Jesus defends His authority)

3rd Sunday in Lent (03/07)     Mark 12:13-44 (Tuesday: Jesus teaches God’s truth)

Midweek #3 (03/10)     Mark 13:1-37 (Wednesday: Jesus speaks of being ready)

4th Sunday in Lent (03/14)     Matthew 25 (Wednesday: Jesus speaks of judgment)

Midweek #4 (03/17)     Matthew 26:1-16 (Wednesday: Jesus’ enemies plot to kill Him)

5th Sunday in Lent (03/21)     Luke 22:7-30 (Thursday: The Last Supper with Jesus)

Midweek #5 (03/24)     John 13:1-20 (Thursday: Jesus demonstrates servanthood)

Palm Sunday (03/28)     John 13:21-38 (Thursday: Jesus is betrayed)

Maundy Thursday (04/01)     John 14 – 17 (Thursday: Jesus’ comfort and prayers for us)

Good Friday (04/02)     John 18 – 19 (Friday: Jesus is tried and suffers for our sins)

Easter Sunday (04/04)     John 20:1-23 (Sunday: Jesus is raised and appears to His own)

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday Divine Service 6:30 PM

Good Friday Tenebrae Service 6:30 PM

Easter Vigil at Bethlehem Lutheran Church 8:00 PM


Easter Sunrise Divine Service in outdoor chapel at 8:30 am (mask requested).

Easter Day Divine Service 9:45 AM (mask required) and 11:00 AM (mask requested).