What does the Bible say?

[This is an excerpt from the Seed of Life our monthly newsletter.  Look for the audio and sermon text of this year long series here at our blog beginning on November 30th, 2014.]

Beloved in Christ,

What does the Bible say?  You may often hear that question asked in Bible Study, at home around the dinner table, and perhaps at work.  Whether they are asking with genuine wonder or critical skepticism people want to know what the Bible has to say.

Asking, “What does the Bible say?” is going to be our theme for the year beginning on the First Sunday in Advent (Nov. 30th).  Each week we will ask what the Bible has to say about a particular theme based on the readings from the One Year Lectionary.  We’ll ask, “What does the Bible say about…the Christ…our doubts…the future…faith…freedom…angels…forgiveness…saints…” and much more!

To help us along through the year each week’s bulletin will include an insert with a short introduction of that Sunday’s theme.  It will include some cross-references so you can go and further read what the Bible has to say about the theme.  Also, on the back of this insert you will find a short order for Daily Prayer to assist you in your daily devotions.  For those who have been wanting to start a habit of daily reading of the Bible and prayer this is a good way to start.  For those who already do this regularly they may find this will add some variety to their devotions.  The intent is for us to encourage one another to be in the Word daily and to be blessed and strengthened in faith in Christ.

As Christians what God’s Word says is our first concern for the Bible delivers to us the One who has the words of eternal life, Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.  Perhaps your time spent reading the Bible will bring up other questions that you have.  I am interested to hear them and to talk about them.  I pray that this year ahead will be a blessing and encouragement to you in the grace and forgiveness you have in Jesus.  I look forward to asking with you, “What does the Bible say?”

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Estes

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