Reformation Service Music

Christ w Luther Qt

We celebrated Reformation Sunday on Oct. 27th and our Director of Music, Dr. Kristen Hansen, prepared beautiful music for our meditation on God’s Word and Sacraments.  A member of the congregation recorded some of the music on his voice recorder.The Redeemer Choir and Bell Choir consist of members of Redeemer as well as scholars and faculty from Columbus State University. The brass quintet are scholars of Columbus State University.  The opening hymn, Psalmody, sermon hymn, and closing hymn include congregation singing.

Wir Glauben all in einen Gott by J. S. Bach
Goldberg Variations 30 and 18 by J. S. Bach

Opening Hymn Stanzas 1-3
“Built On The Rock”

Psalm 46


Sermon Hymn
“A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

Bell Choir Stanza 4
“Built On The Rock”

Closing Hymn Stanzas 5-7
“Built On The Rock”

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